DON’T! Fix It Again Tony

Fiat 124 Spider Abarth (2017)


Fiat and Mazda seem like a match made in heaven (budget-minded thrills, heaven). Fiat has had a long history of beautiful “everyman” 2-seater roadsters, the kind of car you could afford to have as a second car on a working-persons’ salary and still look like an Italian movie director cruising to his summer house on the Mediterranean coast. However, over the years, Fiats went from the trusted Italian workhorse to, something less than reliable, giving birth to the acronym “Fix It Again Tony” (Fiat). Regrettably, this, plus the increased complexity of US automobile regulations, lead to the death of the Italian roadster in the 80s. This left a market segment mostly alone and ignored for many years.   Read more

Why we need more Grand Coupes, specifically a reborn Jaguar XJ


There was a time when you imagined a grand coupe, a myriad of euro cars would come to mind. From the sporty aggressiveness of the BMW 850CSi, the imposing Mercedes S600 to the decadence of the Bentley Azure, yes there used to be plenty of choices, including one coupe that continually has stood apart since the 70’s and can only be described as pure “Britishness.” It’s none other than the Jaguar XJ coupe. Read more