A Luxury Sedan Option that is Gaining Fast!

Genesis G80 5.0 Ultimate (2018)

The all new G80 mid-sized sedan is without a doubt, the best effort yet Hyundai has made to seriously play with the luxury big boys from Japan, Germany and even the United States. This didn’t come over night, as Hyundai has previously had several luxury sedans with their 1st and 2nd generation Genesis as well as the Equus and the new G80 and G90 are the latest offerings from Hyundai’s high-end line which became a stand-alone brand in 2016. Think Lexus and Toyota. Read more

The Civic Si coupe, it’s all grown up!

Honda Civic Si Coupe (2018)

I admit, I have not driven a Honda in several years, so when I was offered the chance to drive their all-new for 2018 Honda Civic Si coupe, I said sure!

The press car that I drove was bathed in sexy bright red paint that Honda calls Rallye Red, together with the boy-racer-like rear wing, which I admit to really like, plus the blacked out 18” wheels, makes for a dramatic statement in a car. The surprises kept on coming, as I learned that it is only offered with a manual, six-speed transmission. I smiled. Read more

A Surprising Volkswagen

2018_atlas_6994Volkswagen Atlas V6, SEL Premium (2018)

I must hand it to the designers of the all-new 2018 VW Atlas: It’s beautiful!

VW had a glaring, gaping hole in its lineup and it has been filled quite nicely by the Atlas, thank you very much. The timing for VW could not have been better, as VW Dealers are itching for new product to sell and car buyers in the US are not really buying sedans! They are buying crossovers and SUV’s at an increasing rate and the Atlas checks all the boxes that the US buyer typically wants. This SUV will, without a doubt, become a high-volume seller for VW. Read more

DON’T! Fix It Again Tony

Fiat 124 Spider Abarth (2017)


Fiat and Mazda seem like a match made in heaven (budget-minded thrills, heaven). Fiat has had a long history of beautiful “everyman” 2-seater roadsters, the kind of car you could afford to have as a second car on a working-persons’ salary and still look like an Italian movie director cruising to his summer house on the Mediterranean coast. However, over the years, Fiats went from the trusted Italian workhorse to, something less than reliable, giving birth to the acronym “Fix It Again Tony” (Fiat). Regrettably, this, plus the increased complexity of US automobile regulations, lead to the death of the Italian roadster in the 80s. This left a market segment mostly alone and ignored for many years.   Read more