Yes, it’s an M, and yes, it goes like a bat out of hell!

BMW X6 M (2010)

Sometimes things just don’t make sense but yet, we love them. Jumbo Shrimp, eating cold pizza in the morning, and now, BMW’s newest SAV offering, the scrumptious X6 M…This time it comes in the form of what BMW calls an SAV “Sports Activity Vehicle,” of course this newest version is the sportiest, fastest and most expensive of the X6 line. Yes, you can do a “mano-a-mano” with almost any sports car, not only in the zero-60 MPH sprint but also in any corner you care to throw the X6 M into. Remarkably, this SAV will most likely beat or at least stay even with the best of them. The tenacity and predictability of the X6 M is simply amazing. With the all-wheel drive torque vectoring system the X6 M simply feels like a svelte ballerina doing pirouettes in most corners and a rocket sled if you really want to go fast on the straights. One cannot believe this is a 5,000 + monster!

To the passing glance, it looks like an X6, so much so, that when it was delivered I saw it from my window and thought it was a regular X6. Not until I walked outside to have a closer look did I see the tell tale Motorsports colored M moniker on the side gills. Well boys and girls, it is a present from Santa in March! My face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. Looking at the X6 M closer, you immediately notice the front bumper with large corner air intakes, the M-only wheels are finished in a steel grey color, followed by the trademark M quadruple tail exhaust pipes in the back. There is no need for boy-racer flares and wings, BMW believes in subtlety and understatement for the current crop of M cars.

Inside, you are greeted with sumptuous deep-bolstered sports seats and that oh so delicious thick-grip M double stitched leather steering wheel, which is simply a delight to hold. Dash is typical restrained elegance as accustomed to BMW, yet every needed item or gauge is there. There is a cool “gee-whiz” HUD (Heads-up Display) that you can use to show in your peripheral sight indication of RPM’s, gear and speed. Center dash has a large multi-function display that is operated by the much-improved third generation I-Drive system that is finally, easy to figure out intuitively.

Driving the X6 M is a delight. Albeit, a dangerous one. I kept second guessing myself if the speedo was really telling the truth. Driving this fast should not be this effortless, I kept repeating. Acceleration is time warp sensational, even more so when you stop to think it’s hauling more than 5,300 lbs. of mass.  Zero to 60 MPH happens in just 4.5 speedy seconds. Without a doubt this is one of the most sure footed and comfortable long distance vehicles ever. Of course, the joy is only dampened by the voracious appetite for fuel if one chooses to go at it aggressively with the throttle, regardless; I was totally giddy playing with this car during my oh to short of a week’s sojourn.

Does anyone really need a twin-turbo, all-wheel drive, 550 HP V8 SAV? No, not really. Do we want one? Absolutely!

The Essentials:

MSRP:  $89,000.00
MSRP (As tested): $93,413.00
Fuel Economy (Observed):   15.5 MPG
Engine: V8 twin-turbo, 4.4 liters, 555 HP
Popular Options: Rear entertainment, comfort access & soft close doors. Premium sound, and driver assistance packages.

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