The American King

Chevrolet Corvette GS Convertible (2011)

Sometimes we take for granted Chevrolet’s iconic Corvette; more so since the 2011 model year marks its 58th year of production.  There have been countless versions and special editions of this amazing American sports car and it’s easy to see, after driving the Grand Sport edition, why this new Corvette is the best one yet!… Read more

Maximum Versatility, Maximum Fun!

Maximum Versatility, Maximum Fun!

BMW M3 Coupe (2010)

Lots of cars have one outstanding feature but fall short on others like ride comfort, seating, trunk capacity, etc. Well not the BMW M3! This newest super-coupe from BMW really is the perfect blend of everything a coupe buyer is looking for. Drive it to the supermarket, on a long weekend trip or to participate at a track event; regardless of the destination, or the activity, the M3 is ready to handle almost any task you ask of it… Read more