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Never Stop Driving: A Better Life Behind the Wheel (2019)

“Jump in the car and drive away stress and distractions”

Tech television shows, newspapers, even car magazines all talk about it. Today’s teenager and young adult isn’t interested in cars. Why? Maybe the smart phone and video game addiction? Or could it be its just a few years until we will be riding in autonomous, electric pods and they don’t even want to bother with an old mundane activity such as driving. This book brilliantly puts the future as bleak as it may be for a car aficionado on hold and takes us back to a simpler time, when our cars represented freedom, adventure and fun. When we would go to the garage and simply sit in the car and dream of driving to some exciting place or wanting to improve our driving abilities on a racetrack.

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Edited by Larry Webster and featuring commentary from well-known car guys such as Jay Leno, Patrick Dempsey & Mario Andretti, this is a book that is part fun reading, part introspective and part self-help.

Since the advent of the interstate highway system and the shift towards suburbia, there has been a love affair with the automobile. We have used our cars to travel, explore, race, and meet people, even now, with the advent of the ubiquitous weekend cars and coffee events and the specific groups we can belong to in Facebook, cars will continue to bring us together.

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Today, there is a thriving culture that revolves around cars and part of the success is the connection we all have with the internet and social media. Yes, there are the yearly world-class events such as the Pebble Beach Concourse, multiple race events and hundreds of local car-shows that happen monthly or weekly but the most important event is that moment you get in your car and say, I am going for a drive on my favorite road for no reason at all other than just enjoyment, this book reminds us how special that is.

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Never Stop Driving is a compilation of wonderful stories about the romance of the automobile and drives on favorite roads. “Walk out to your car, keys in hand. Open the door and take a seat. What happens next is not the product of a train timetable, a bus schedule, an airplane itinerary. It’s entirely up to you; each intersection presents four choices. The person on a train is mere cargo, sentient in dribs and drabs; the driver of a privately-owned automobile is the captain of his or her ship.” For most of us, we forget what a nice feeling it is to do just that.

At the end of the book, I found myself looking at a map and simply asking, where could I drive to next and not have a reason to do it? Guess what, I found a number pf places to go and I am sure you can too! So, go ahead, go for a drive.

Thank you Larry Webster and Hagerty Media for bringing this book to light.

My rating? 5 out of 5 stars

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