Maximum Versatility, Maximum Fun!

Maximum Versatility, Maximum Fun!

BMW M3 Coupe (2010)

Lots of cars have one outstanding feature but fall short on others like ride comfort, seating, trunk capacity, etc. Well not the BMW M3! This newest super-coupe from BMW really is the perfect blend of everything a coupe buyer is looking for. Drive it to the supermarket, on a long weekend trip or to participate at a track event; regardless of the destination, or the activity, the M3 is ready to handle almost any task you ask of it…
This latest iteration, of the famous M moniker, is the 4th generation of the M3. It’s also the fastest, most powerful and most capable to date.

The exterior is all BMW. There is no boy racer wing, or scandalous side fender flares, instead, there are subtle yet useful details that tell the discerning aficionado that this car is powerful, special and all business. There are the oversized air intakes flanking the front bumper; the useful side air vents that integrate marker lights as well as subtle M3 logos and the elegantly sculptured side mirrors that are not only beautiful to look at, but helpful in daily driving. Moving further back along the side of the M3, there is the famous Hofmeister kink on the rear side window frame, followed by the sculptured trunk lid with its angled shape and subdued rear lip spoiler. Another M signature item is the quad exhaust tips that let out a satisfying and glorious cacophony every time one judiciously presses the “go fast” pedal. The wheels are M car only design, housing large diameter brake rotors as well as high performance brake calipers.


Once inside, and ensconced in the driver’s seat, you can’t help but notice the nice “M” touches all throughout the cabin. From the multi-color stitching on the large grip steering wheel, The M logos are placed throughout the cabin, such as in the head rests, in addition to being centered within the instrument cluster. The switchgear, as well as materials used, are top-notch, providing that well known quality tactile feeling that is oh so prominent in every BMW. The power sports seats offer electric bolster adjustment, as well as pneumatic lumbar support. Our test car came equipped with the desirable “Technology

Package” that offers M Drive, Comfort Access keyless system and Navigation system.

Press the start button and the awesome V8 fires up with a nice throaty sound that instantly tells you this is no typical 3 Series. Select 1st gear, on the M Double-clutch gear selector, and off you go! Of course, there are the myriad of combinations that let the driver control the speed at which the car up-shifts, as well as glorious rev-matching down-shifts, that make you feel like an F1 pro. If you order the Technology Package, a wonderful button on the steering wheel is offered, to most, it may be unnoticeable, but to the BMW M Series initiated, it’s the diabolically-delicious “M Button”. Press it and it firms up shifts, steering and engine response to a heightened level that brings a new dimension of sports motoring. Acceleration is simply breathtaking, made even more so by shifting effortlessly through the seven gears. Stomp on the brakes and the M3 Coupe feels as though someone threw out an aircraft carrier-sized anchor out of the back. It STOPS! Entering a turn the M3 feels balanced and oh so neutral in cornering, offering nary a squeal from the compliantly sticky rubber tires. Response from the steering and brakes is simply linear and palpable, giving the lucky driver plenty of excellent feedback in the process. Imagine, doing all of this with three of your favorite people in the car. Every time I found myself driving this car during my week’s caretaker duties, it was a delight… so much so that I did not want to give it back.

The 2010 BMW M3 Coupe; A masterful blend of performance, comfort and luxury, all combined into a sinuously sexy package.

The Essentials:

MSRP: $58,400.00
MSRP (As tested): $68,925.00
Fuel Economy (Observed): 16.4 MPG
Engine: V8, 4.0 liter, 414 HP
Popular Options: Technology Packages, M Double-clutch transmission, carbon leather interior trim, Shadowline exterior trim.

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