A Face Only a Mom Could Love

BMW i3 Sport with Range Extender

I’m not a mom and I loved the i3 Sport. Why? Because it has personality, its different, did everything I needed perfectly and it will probably do the same for most people. They simply have to drive it in order to understand.

I could not quite figure out what this car is. It’s not an SUV yet you do sit higher than a typical sedan or coupe. It’s not a sedan because it doesn’t have the typical four doors, yet it does have rear doors and it’s not a sports car because of the size and height yet you could out maneuver most cars on the street with ease. Maybe it’s this outside of the box approach that really caused me to really like this car. Read more

It’s the Coupe of Coupes – BMW M6 (2013)

It’s the Coupe of Coupes – BMW M6 (2013)

The 2013 M6 is the 3rd generation of the 6 series coupe that has gotten the M treatment. This is BMW speak for their Motorsports division and all of the additional performance items that the car brings. By far, the 2013 M6 is the best one yet! Gone is the heavy and thirsty V10, replaced with a lighter, more efficient and higher powered 4.4 liter, V8 twin turbo engine that makes the latest M6 a joy to drive. Read more