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Subaru WRX Limited (2022)

In an endless sea of digital cars, the redesigned 2022 WRX is a breath of old-school, fresh air.

True, sedans are less popular than before, yet I find the WRX ticks all the right boxes for me. The design of this compact sports sedan is modern, while keeping its traditional Subaru character lines intact. The interior is comfortable and spacious in all the right spaces, while the driving dynamics are better than ever. Add to this, the six-speed manual transmission and this sports sedan is one of the most fun press cars I have driven in quite a while.

If you are an enthusiast or a Rally follower, you will immediately recognize the lineage of this, the fifth generation WRX. The front grill is sporty and modern, featuring a well-proportioned corporate emblem as well as multiple air intake strakes. There is classic WRX center hood air scoop that look aggressive without being over the top, yet still blends well with the personality of the car. The side profile features the aggressive and aerodynamically tuned wheel arches that some think, look out of place. Nonsense, these give the car character, as well as being a functional design feature. Moving further back, the roofline is still at a traditional sedan height, thus making for easy entry and exit into the rear seats. Rear fascia is sporty and purposeful, with two sets of dual exhaust tips, flanking the rear corners.

Inside the cabin, the sports seats, which are finished in smooth Alcantara trim and contrasting stitching, are the centerpiece of the interior. The flat bottom steering wheel is thick-rimmed and offers the typical controls and switchgear, in addition to trim pieces that are carbon-fiber like. Overall, the interior has been refreshed as well and one of the key items is the 11.6” vertically placed multi-function display that thankfully, still has classic volume and tune knobs. Thank you, Subaru! I have to say that even though it’s somewhat intuitive to use, it is still not a simple affair for neophytes. I am sure that with practice, it will be a snap to use.

The WRX comes in four trim levels: We drove the WRX Limited

Base: $30,100.00

Premium: $32,600.00

Limited: $36,990.00

GT: $42,890.00

Driving the WRX is where the soul of this car comes out in spades. The horizontally opposed, four-cylinder, Boxer engine offers a unique burbling-like idle sound that “Subaristas” love. Put the gear in first and let the clutch out smartly, and the WRX rewards the driver with linear and smooth acceleration right up to the redline, and wow, what a ride it is. There is the slightest hint of turbo lag, followed by the sweet feel of torque, available from every gear. Steering is direct and very communicative. Throw the WRX into a corner, and instantly you notice the all-wheel-drive system in action and the brilliant suspension that makes a WRX a truly special car to drive through the curves. Brakes are smooth and powerful, and we didn’t notice any brake fade, even after a few hard stops from 60-0. Subaru has nailed its recipe for driving dynamics. My daily commute is one of 20 miles each way to work every day. It’s a mix of causeway, highway and street driving, and it offers a pretty good combination of how I would feel if I owed each of the press cars I drive. With the Subaru WRX I would own this car and use it as a daily driver without a doubt.

Old school cars are still with us, and the Subaru WRX is a breath of fresh air.

Comparables could be: Hyundai Elantra N Line, VW Golf GTI and even the Honda Civic Si

The Essentials:

MSRP: $36,990.00                                             MSRP (As Tested):
Fuel Economy (Observed): 25.5 MPG
Engine: Four Cylinder, Horizontally Opposed 2.4 Liter, 271 HP and 258 Lb/Ft of Torque
Popular Options Include:  All packages come standard. Some minor dealer-installed accessories are available.
Please Visit: www.subaru.com

*Photos furnished by Subaru

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