The Aviator Feels Just Right

Lincoln Aviator Reserve AWD (2020)

Occasionally, I get in a vehicle and it feels just right and the Lincoln Aviator is one of them. Positioned as a three-row large, luxury SUV, the Aviator has the capability to take on almost any task you ask of it, from long distance cruising to early morning school carpooling, this versatile and handsome SUV can handle all these tasks with ease. Read more

A Delightful Throwback

Ford Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost Convertible (2020)

Say the words Ford Mustang and for a lot of people, it means a classic American sports car that over the last 55 years, has become an iconic shape and design. The current generation has well placed retro touches both on the exterior as well as the interior, paying homage to its storied legacy. Ford, for the most part (yes, we will exclude the Mustang II of the 70’s) has done a great job with the ethos that the Mustang represents and the 2020 model, with the 2.3-liter high-performance Ecoboost engine is no exception. Read more

No Need for Range Anxiety

Chevrolet Bolt EV Premier (2020)

When introduced in 2016, the Chevrolet Bolt had something unique that few other electric cars had. Range! Fast forward to 2020 and with technology advancement marching on, that is no longer a major point. Several other competitors, namely the Tesla Model 3 and lately the Hyundai Kona electric, have almost identical range capability. Read more

You need to buy this car!

Fiat 124 Spider Abarth (2019)

Take the brilliant mechanicals and engineering of the Mazda MX5 Miata, combine them with the flair and elegance of Italian design and what do you get? A great roadster called the Fiat 124 Spider, with the Abarth version being more sporty and aggressive looking. The name 124 is revived from the classic Fiat  124 roadster of the late 60’s and 70’s.

Why aren’t people buying roadsters anymore? I honestly don’t get it. I have one in my collection and love driving alfresco every time I get the chance to do it. Of course, living in sunny South Florida it’s quite easy to do often. Read more

A Dramatic Change

Hyundai Sonata Limited (2020)

The all-new, 8th generation Sonata is one of Hyundai’s most important name plates and for the 2020 model, everything has been revamped or redesigned and you know what? It’s a winner!

The American mid-sized sedan market is a gradually declining segment yet still represents an important volume for the Korean automaker. Read more

It’s not Your Grandfather’s Lincoln any More

Lincoln Corsair AWD Reserve (2020)

Mention the words Lincoln automobiles to thirty or forty-somethings and most envision an elderly couple heading to the golf club in their Continental or Town Car. Or maybe, the badge engineering Ford did so blatantly in the early 2000’s. Surprise! That’s now firmly in the past, as Lincoln is starting to get truly serious in becoming a real player in the luxury Crossover/SUV market. Read more

A World Class Grand Tourer

BMW M850i xDrive Gran Coupe (2020)

Just say the name “Gran Coupe” and it automatically conveys an image of something sexy and luxurious yet functional and practical. The all-new BMW M850i is all that and more!

The curvaceous silhouette, wide kidney grille and long, sleek hood make the M850i look elegant and sporty from every angle. There are many purposeful and smart design ideas that come together in the making of this gran coupe and fortunately, the freakishly large kidney grille is not one of them. Thank you, BMW! Read more

It has Real Presence, Even in a World Full of Ubiquitous SUV’s.

Genesis G70 RWD 2.0T Sport (2020)

Genesis is sending a strong message to the established luxury brands from Germany and Japan with their exciting product portfolio which includes the recently introduced G70 sport sedan among others and the all new, three-row SUV called the GV80 from the summer 2020 on. It is very clear that the Genesis brand is a new page in the luxury vehicle handbook. Read more