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Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic (2019)

I’m sure these exact words will be uttered many times to VIP’s exiting the Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic. This large SUV fits this type of passenger perfectly.

Mention Range Rover and most think of the very capable go anywhere off roader, while some immediately think of the ultra-luxurious Range Rovers of today. Regardless, all the Range Rovers are special to drive or be driven in. Placed between the Long-wheel base (LWB) SVAutobiography and the high-performance Range Rover Sport SVR. The SVAutobiography Dynamic is the perfect size for someone that wants more exclusivity than the standard model but doesn’t need the extra space offer with the LWB model which is mainly rear seat roominess

The current but aging generation of the top of the line Range Rover underwent a refresh, mostly inside the cabin in 2019 keeping it up to date, but its age is starting to show on the exterior design. Once inside, the most noticeable and striking feature is the ultra-sleek center console, the dash and elegant steering wheel. The rest of the interior also got refreshed with new designs and finishes that gives the top of the line RR a nice air of modernism mixed with old world charm.

We loved the minimalist, sleek design of the infotainment system however, we didn’t care for its complexity, lack of knobs or slow response speed. I strive for not having to use the owner’s manual in all the press cars I drive. Must be a male thing, but in this case, I wanted to try out several functions that ultimately, I just simply gave up and out came the manual. Ironically, the demographics will undoubtedly weigh heavily towards the over 50 group that like and can afford this car and their main challenge will no doubt, be to master the extensive technology and features that are offered. The rest of the interior is swathed in acres of supple, rich leather, with the trim, seat couture and switchgear, all offering a chic, premium feel to them. The dash on the SVAutobiography Dynamic we drove, featured a beautiful carbon fiber weave-look that is both elegant and modern. The sculptured seats have a diamond design stitching on the seating surfaces that looks inviting and are surprisingly comfortable regardless if you are using the front or the rear seats. Speaking of the rear seats, the center seat is comfortable, made more so by the almost flat floor. the Autobiography version offers a completely over-the-top, right side rear seat that reclines and has a business-class style leg rest. There is an electric, oversized arm-rest that once it’s in the down position, features a storage area, cup-holders as well as a small yet elegant monogrammed portable mirror in a compartment that passengers can use to get ready before exiting the vehicle.

Steering feedback and effort is surprisingly communicative as compared to most large SUV’s which offer vague steering feedback at best. It does, however, take some time to get it dialed in just right and become chauffeur-like smooth with the inputs. Brake and throttle offer a nice blend of balance and surefootedness that makes you feel great regardless of the traffic conditions. The true forte of the SVAutbiography Dynamic is the impressive power from its 5.0-liter V-8, 557 HP and stump-pulling 516 lb/ft of torque. This engine comes from Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations unit. Stomp on it and it will effortlessly propel this 5,800 Lb. beast to 60 MPH is less than 5 seconds.

I have always enjoyed driving the full-sized Range Rover primarily because of how nice it makes me feel. Part of this is due to its regal-like, low window line design, you naturally feel majestic and powerful behind the wheel. Switchgear feel luxurious, offering a satisfying touch to the finger tip that reminds you, this is no ordinary SUV.

Comparable Vehicles include: Mercedes-Benz GLS AMG, Bentley Bentayga and even BMW’s newcomer, the X7.

The Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic is an ultra-luxury, engaging to drive, large SUV that will keep you in a rarefied, exclusive club that only the one-percenters will be able to join and that’s ok. Exclusivity is just that. Don’t forget to wave to the crowd when you exit the vehicle.

The Essentials:

Price (MSRP): $177,500.00                                            Price (As tested): $181,335.00
Engine:  5.0 liter, 8 Cylinder Supercharged 557 HP & 516 Lb/Ft of Torque
Fuel Economy (Observed): 16.5 MPG
Options: 22” 5 split-spoke wheels, Driver’s Assistance Package
Please visit: www.landroverusa.com

*Photos furnished by Land Rover and the author

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