The Adventure Jump Start & Portable Powerbank 6600 mAh Portable Charger manufactured by MyCharge

Recently, I was asked to review a new powebank and jump start battery and I liked the idea. As an auto enthusiast and owning a small, classic car collection, this was something that could prove to be useful for collectors or for anyone that tends to keep a car for more than three years. Why three years? From experience and living in Florida a lot of car batteries “give up the ghost” after three years. Lucky if you get five! Read more

The Perfect Blend of Wind-in-Your-Hair Luxury and Performance

Mercedes-AMG E53 Cabriolet (2019)

I always look forward to driving a Mercedes-Benz regardless of the model as there is something sublime about the experience that always stands out. Mercedes-Benz is on a roll. Items like the luxuriously appointed interior, which is done better and more inviting than any of its competitors, bar-none. This is just the start of several nice surprises with the new, 2019 E53 Cabriolet. Read more

The Perfect Choice

BMW M5 Sedan (2018)

Car companies are like people, there are times we simply aren’t as laser focused as we should be and after a while, those that know you, will notice. Take the M5 for example, during the first two generations, this mid-sized sedan, wrote the book on what an uber-sedan should be. Agile, sharp, direct, incredibly capable, yet mature and elegant. Regrettably, the last couple of iterations, not so much, as BMW seems to have been enamored with the idea of bigger is better. The BMW faithful moaned and complained and guess what, Munich listened and they delivered. Enter the 2018 M5 and finally, the focus and the execution is laser-like once again. Welcome back BMW, we’ve missed you. Read more


Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody (2018)

Yes, I kept repeating that word over and over during my all-too-brief week with this outrageous 21st century muscle car. It all started when the person that dropped off the car said, “you get the red key!” At first, I didn’t get it, then I saw what was parked outside and I simply smiled. What does the red key do? Read on. Read more

Yes, It’s Electric and It’s Misunderstood

Smart Fortwo Passion Electric Drive Cabriolet (2018)

Like a middle child, the Smart Fortwo Electric is clearly misunderstood. Why? Simply because most people are unrealistic as to the expectations of having a fully electric car. In reality, most of the daily needs can be done seamlessly by a car like the Smart Fortwo. The idea was for me to use only this car the entire week I had it and with its 57-mile range, it would be a challenge, or so I thought. Read more